The Bridges Board

The Bridges Board is made up of twelve dedicated individuals with a wide array of skills and experience that volunteer their time toward upholding the mission, vision and values of Bridges. They are a working board and part of that work is governance. The board committees are as follows: Operations, Personnel, and Communications.

  • Mrs. Alicia Clark and Dr. E Glenn Clark - Founders

    Dr. Glenn Clark & Alicia Clark

  • 190918-075035-0054

    Lisa Noey

  • 190918-074331-0017

    Shana Nix

  • 190918-075609-0083

    Robert Henry

  • 190918-075752-0092

    James Pulis

  • Sunsee Pearson - Co-Treasurer - Board

    Sunsee Pearson

  • 190918-074637-0027

    Ana Horn

  • 190918-074756-0034

    April Snook

  • 190918-081157-0104

    Brooke Anderson

  • 190918-075154-0063

    Doeletta Prowell

  • 190918-074908-0044

    Paula St John

  • Tiffanie Johnson - Board

    Tiffanie Johnson

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