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Kim’s Story

Kim’s Story

Kim and her daughter took up residence in the Safehouse in 2016. On the right track of trying to gain independence through obtaining employment and an apartment, Kim thought she had everything together. Unfortunately, Kim did not account for the lapse that existed in transitioning between apartments; therefore, Kim needed somewhere to stay in the interim. Kim met Nicole, the executive director of Bridges, and found out about the services Bridges offered. Kim decided to participate in the various classes and trainings offered at Bridges, and stayed for about a month. She believed she had everything she needed to move out on her own, so she did not remain in Bridges for further guidance, and moved into her new place. The next months proved difficult for Kim. Despite her best efforts, she found herself back in need of a place to live in 2017. She realized this time around that she needed to fully submit herself to all the love and grace the staff and volunteers of Bridges wanted to pour into her and her daughter. She immersed herself into the services as a student, which enabled her to turn around to teach others and help at the Safehouse. She also found a platform where she could express the gifts and talents God had given her through lyrical ingenuity, the written word, and motivational speaking.

Since her time at Bridges, Kim has since published a book entitled Rescued: From Worthless to Warrior. She dedicated her book to “anyone who has ever struggled with low self-esteem.” Kim’s story inspires and encourages those who have gone through a similar situation, as well as anyone who desires to grow in an understanding of God’s unconditional love. Kim has a whole YouTube channel full of her art. Her raw emotions and heart pour forth in her poems enveloped by rhythms. Check out Kim’s channel by searching for “SENT.Kim Brown” on YouTube. You can also support Kim’s ministry by getting her book on Amazon. Additionally, the January 2019 edition of SouthwestNOW featured Kim’s testimony, titled “Refuge in the Storm,” and is available online. At the conclusion of the article, Kim states, “There are places that will provide love and support with no strings attached if you just ask. For me, Bridges was that place.”

Written by Elizabeth K. Webster

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